Being one of the most experienced traditional furniture manufactures in China, we (Luk's Woodware LTD) produce all kinds of home furniture in Rosewood, LACQUER-WOOD and Blackwood in antique and even elegant style. Our factory is located in Guangdong of China. We have been in the business for more than FIFTY (50+) years.
We have 100 more workers employed in our production section alone. At the production line mainland China craftsmen who have mastered the ancient Chinese techniques of furniture making through years of experience skillfully carve out delicate designs. Not a single nail is used as all our rosewood furniture is assembled using the dovetailed joinery, lounge and groove methods. When the assembly is completed, experienced finishers hand polish the furniture seven to ten times with rare tang oil. This time consuming process brings the furniture to a splendid luster while ensuring heat, stain, and water and alcohol resistance.
A Timeless Tradition of Fine Rosewood crafting
The furniture is made of Blackwood Pau-ferro Monzo, Jambire, Kiaat and rosewood of choice quality. It is noted for antique and elegant styles, strong texture, exquisite carving, smooth finishing and brilliant varnishing that stands the test of time. The logs are dried in steam kilns from two weeks to a month, reducing the moisture content of the Rosewood to preserve it's natural beauty and resist extreme temperatures.
All our products are sold to different countries in the world including Hong Kong, Asia, Middle East, Europe and America. OEM order is also welcome.