Type of Redwood

In 2000, the "Redwood" national standard was officially released, and 29 types of wood in 5 genera and 8 categories were collectively referred to as redwood.
Redwood refers to the heartwood of 29 species of wood in these 5 genera and 8 categories. Heartwood refers to the center of the tree and the part without living cells

Rosewood is commonly used in Africa, and others in Asia. It is the most common precious redwood in China Tree species, the material is delicate, relatively thick and straight, the color is orange and reddish brown, the texture is clear, some of the fuchsia, there are many wooden knots in the wood grain, these wooden knots are very smooth and not cracked, it will show the fox pattern, the old man's head hair Such as texture, beautiful and beautiful, in the Ming and Qing dynasties, rosewood was often used to make high-end furniture.

Red sandalwood- Originally from India, Southeast Asia, and Guangxi, China, red sandalwood has been a precious wood for traditional furniture since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The material is very excellent. The heartwood is reddish-brown and hard and dense. In particular, its deep colors are stable, elegant and beautiful. The furniture made is dignified, luxurious and low-key, and it is loved by collectors from ancient and modern times.
Due to the high density and slow growth period of red sandalwood, it takes more than 500 years to produce wood. Moreover, the hollow is serious, and the yield rate is relatively low. There is a saying of "ten sandals and nine empty spaces", and the fact that there is very little material, so the price of red leaf sandalwood keeps rising. There are no raw materials, only old materials. The older and harder the red sandalwood is, the darker and brighter the wood is, and you can get to the point where no paint is needed.

Black rosewood is a Dalbergia genus, mainly including Dalbergia belize, Dalbergia amazoniana, Dalbergia rosenbergii (commonly known as Dalbergia broadleaf), Blackwood of the heartwood is purple black, deep purple and reddish brown, with black or dark brown stripes, because of its rare and high price, once polished, a weak acid aroma will come out, the structure is very fine; the texture is interlaced; there is Partial curling, which is the main method for identifying black rosewood

Red rosewood mainly produced in India and Southeast Asian countries. The new section of red rosewood has the sour aroma unique to rosewood, so it is called rosewood. It belongs to a kind of mahogany wood and is mostly used to make mahogany furniture.
Commonly known as Laos red rosewood, mahogany is the most familiar, because of its luster, high strength, high hardness, strong corrosion resistance, strong insect resistance, the texture is usually straight, the structure is fine and uniform, is The best materials for making furniture

The wenge is a yam bean tree. Its wood heartwood has a chord cut surface and is named after the chicken wings ("V" shape) pattern. It is a high-end furniture and precious wood produced in Guangdong, Guangxi, China, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Some woods have white chapters and black chapters, and some have yellow-purple color. Especially the longitudinal section, the wood grain is slender.

Ebony, mainly produced in tropical Asia, such as Sulawesi, Philippines.
The ebony heart sapwood is clearly distinguished. The sapwood is white, with brownish yellow or greenish gray to light reddish brown; the heartwood is black (chaotic black or slightly greenish jade) and irregular black heartwood (the stripes of which are arranged in dark and light) .The wood is shiny and has no special smell. The texture is black and white, until it is lightly interlaced, the structure is Burmese and uniform, corrosion resistance, strong durability, heavy material, high strength; the shrinkage is very large. Difficult to process, it is a very rare precious furniture and handicraft materials.